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About Us

About Us


  • Are you guilty of burning yourself out looking after others and neglecting your own health & happiness needs?

  • Feeling unmotivated, low energy, low mood, stiffness & bloating?

  • Really want to start exercising, move easier, tone up, slim down but hate the thought of a daunting, judgemental class & gym environment?

  • Want to inject some fun & joy in to your life & be around nice people who support & uplift you not talk behind your back & put you down?

We completely understand, which is why we have not created another gym, we have created a community of caring people just like you, who not only exercise together but support, uplift, laugh & celebrate each other.

We are passionate that improving physical health starts with improving emotional health & that can only happen in a safe, positive, nurturing environment.

Our community is unlike any other as it is full of lovely people who appreciate our anti-bullying, anti-gossip & strictly no judgement policy, because, let's face it, there's enough of that in the world already.

How our lovely Members describe Yendell's Health & Wellness Hub:

"My safe place, where I am accepted, loved and respected for just being me" Tina

"The one place where everyone is there for each other while getting healthier and having fun " Liz

"A big family always ready to welcome new members. You can walk in questioning life, how you feel and I'll guarantee you will walk out feeling great and knowing how good life is" Tricia

"When life seems to fall apart at the seams you know where home is. Yendells is so much more than moving together, it’s a light in the dark, a place to be yourself & be accepted." Julie

'The most supportive, genuine, loveliest group of people I have had the good fortune to have met and be part of!' Rose

"My happy place" Dawn

So, Are You Ready To Find Your New Happy Place?

Would you love to grow in confidence, move easier, tone up, slim down, find a new energy and a new love for life?

Well we want that for you too, so we are offering a complimentary 10 day pass so you, your friends or loved ones can all come & try any or all of our classes, including our dance fitness, toning, low impact & seated classes either in our socially distanced studio space in North Walsham or join us from anywhere online.


We can only offer this for a short while though.

This offer will only run for a short while so don't miss out, stop putting it off, click here

Book your first class, claim your 10 day pass and invest some time caring for you for once.


Your Instructors

Sarah Yendell
Head Instructor & Founder

Sarah is passionate to help more people break down the barriers of exercise and make a difference to their own health & wellbeing, she brings a unique friendliness, warmth, energy and fun to every class.

Jemma Hughes
Zumba Instructor

The newest member of our Yendell's team! As well as extending a warm welcome to everybody who walks through our door, she also organises our fun community events.

Julie Weston
Zumba Gold Instructor

Julie is a real inspiration, she is an instructor who understands what it is like living with daily pain and uses exercise as a tool to maintain her own mobility and comfort. She is passionate about supporting and nurturing others with her fun, friendly, low impact & joint friendly Zumba Gold & Zumba Gold Seated classes.


Contact Us

Yendell's Health & Wellness Hub

Unit 12A, Folgate Road, North Walsham, NR28 0AJ

Tel: 07974 726036


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