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Here at Yendell's, we strive to offer more than just your typical fitness Class... From the moment you walk in, you're family.

Our goal is to help people that are always caring for others, take back some time for themselves to de-stress, have fun and become healthier and happier in life!

We do this through our signature welcoming environment, dance fitness classes like Zumba® and Disco Fitness & Toning and conditioning classes for when you need to blow off some steam, Guided Meditation and Relaxation sessions to reduce anxiety & stress, Social Hour to socialise with like-minded people, and if all that sounds a bit overwhelming, we also offer extremely-popular chair based classes; Zumba Gold® for those with mobility concerns. All will help boost your immune system, keep you healthy, happy and gain a real sense of freedom and belonging.

You are worth taking care of.


Your Instructors

Sarah Yendell
Head Instructor & Founder

Sarah is passionate to help more people break down the barriers of exercise and make a difference to their own health & wellbeing, she brings a unique friendliness, warmth, energy and fun to every class.

Jemma Hughes
Zumba Instructor

The newest member of our Yendell's team! As well as extending a warm welcome to everybody who walks through our door, she also organises our fun community events.

Julie Weston
Zumba Gold Instructor

Julie is a real inspiration, she is an instructor who understands what it is like living with daily pain and uses exercise as a tool to maintain her own mobility and comfort. She is passionate about supporting and nurturing others with her fun, friendly, low impact & joint friendly Zumba Gold & Zumba Gold Seated classes.


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Yendell's Health & Wellness Hub

Unit 12A, Folgate Road, North Walsham, NR28 0AJ

Tel: 07974 726036

Email: yendellshub@gmail.com

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