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*FREE Understanding Food Addiction Intro

Why Willpower Will Never Work! Understanding The Addictive Nature of Food.

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Service Description

Is Food Addiction Real? Hell, yeah it is! We all know a chocaholic right? That person who intends to only eat one or two squares but somehow they just can't stop until the whole bar has disappeared. Maybe you that chocaholic? Maybe sweet things aren't your thing but you just can't stop eating bread, pastry, crisps, cheese! When times get to tough to you find you head straight to the snack cupboard and overeat to feel better? Maybe you or someone you know just constantly struggles with their weight. Being overweight is NOT a problem, it is a symptom. Over eating is NOT the problem, it is a symptom. Why can't I stick to a diet? Why can't I just stop eating? What is wrong with me? If you are asking yourself these things then guess what? You are NOT lazy or greedy, you are human! It's not your fault! Excessive weight gain and eating disorders can be symptoms of much deeper underlying causes such as: o Trauma o Emotions, (Happy & Sad) & Stress o Brain Chemistry o Genetics o Medical Condition Diets can be just a sticking plaster, they do not always address any underlying causes and so will always fail, it's really not you, it's them. You see, eating is driven by the primitive, survival part of your brain which overrides your rational, thinking part of the brain. Trying to stop eating is as impossible as trying to stop breathing! Did you know that sugar, fat, salt & flavour enhancing ingredients added to ultra processed products will trigger the pleasure part of your brain, the same part that reacts to opiates and nicotine? This can have a pleasurable, calming or even pain relieving effect and over time, for some people, can create a dependency just like other addictive substances, no wonder we unconsciously reach for the chocolate or crisps rather than the broccoli when we are tired, bored or stressed. The bad news is eating is a compulsion that we have no control over, the good news is once we stop focusing on the symptoms, stop beating ourselves up, stop seeing ourselves as failing & start focusing on the underlying causes, start retraining our brain, we can take responsibility, take back control, start making the changes we really want to make and find healthier ways to treat ourselves. It's not always easy, it's not a quick fix but then living in a constant cycle of pleasure, guilt, shame and low mood is so much harder. With time, acceptance, no judgement and the right support we can take back charge of our life! Come find out how!

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We understand that life happens but as spaces are limited and FREE please let us know as soon as possible if you are no longer able to attend. We have a waiting list and truly don't want anyone to miss out.

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  • Yendell's Health & Wellness Hub, Folgate Road, North Walsham, UK


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